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I absolutely love RETREAT!

Everything about the opportunity to step outside my Self, to connect with like minded individuals, experience things I never even knew I was missing, to tap into my own Inner Wisdom, realizing there is resonance and alignment beyond what I know!  It’s so magical and that is exactly what I am inviting you to here At hOMe!  The magic of BEing YOU … all mirrored back through the eyes of the Herd and held in the space of your fellow participants … Join Me!



I love providing people the opportunity to step out of their 'day to day', to experience themselves on a different level, fall in love with, forgive and integrate that 'Self' so that they can bring her home and expand upon her Wisdom!  The Herd is so accommodating to those willing to meet themselves where they are and question how they get to where they want to be!

Retreats At hOMe will include movement, grounding and embodiment practices, getting in touch with where we are, where we want to be and what exactly we need and are willing to do to get there!  I have several 'themes' that the Horses and I work with and you are invited to pick and choose the ones that feel like Medicine to you!

Your experience will include time in the Herd (this is facilitated as per each guests comfort level), a creative integration of your experience to take home, open and vulnerable discussions on the theme ... through it all you will be held, heard and fully supported! Did I mention food??? UMMM ya wonderful delicious food to sustain you!  I am still navigating the schedule of when these Retreats will begin, please register for the VIP email so you are the first to know... here's what we are working on!

  1.  My Grief, My Way - as a newly bereaved parent I can tell you I am sick to death of being told what I 'should' do, or how I 'should' feel by now.  For the passed 8 months I have been working with the Herd, leaning into their daily wisdom and curating an opportunity to fully personalize my own Grief, integrate it and carry it into my future!  Join the Herd and I for an in-depth radical acceptance of what our personal Grief journey can look like!  Grief isn't limited to loss of life, perhaps a divorce, a loss of opportunity, a loss of any sort can put you in Grief and your journey is welcome here! Time to shift the narrative!
  2. Beautiful Boundaries - oh my goodness this one is so near and dear to me ... and my Herd!  What we allow, is what we get ... but how do we say NO? How do we offer boundaries that are flexible but still offer us the protection we need from energy suckers?  How do we prioritize our own mental and emotional well being and let go of 'people pleasing' as a means to feel connected and belong?  The solutions are within all of us, and the Herd and I look forward to sharing our deep and honest Wisdom with you, creating action plans and real life options ... trust me when I tell you, You Deserve Better!  Let's explore the beauty of boundaries!
  3. All By MySelf - the art of asking for help! - from a very early age we are rewarded profusely for doing things by ourself ... Yay you tied your shoes, Yay you made your bed, Yay you got dressed ... over and over the more we did for ourself the more we were met with adoration, intoxicating as a child; but now you're an adult, navigating some 'real' life and help would be awesome ... but we are so conditioned to not asking ... how do we ask and what does it really mean if we need help?  Join the Herd and I as we explore independence and community as mutually inclusive!  You are not alone, and it is not a sign of weakness or any other negative verb to ask for help ... join us and discover how!
  4. Mom & Me ... the mother daughter relationship is dynamic, it's constantly evolving and it's so incredibly empowering if we choose it to be!  Get outside the wounds, get back to basics and let Ginny and Lacey(my equine mother and daughter teachers)  guide you through the Horse Wisdom of this relationship!  This Retreat is designed for both mother and daughter to be in attendance, I limit to 4 pairs (8 guests) and I often have one of my daughters join for reference!

These are just a sampling of  themes I currently offer, I am open to creating team building programs for corporate retreats, or personal family retreats ...

let's chat!


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