The Magic and The Woo of Healing

Over and over I hear people trying to get magical solutions to life, to be given divine guidance, magical solutions; but these same people fail to see that in order for these things to be of service to you … you need to believe, or at the very least be open to the possibility!

I am so open to the POSSIBILITIES and I am so willing to share it all with you!  Choose from Oracle Card Quickies, Incredible Charm Divinations, to a beautiful Chakra Balancing under my Unity Drum!  Details below …


Let me start by saying I will never apologize again for this piece of who I am, I won't try to hide these practices or what they have meant in my own healing journey; I fully acknowledge that they aren't for everyone ... I mean they are for everyone, but not everyone is open to their medicine!  I am, I am trained in many modalities and finally in a place that I am willing to share them with those willing to share the magic with me!

Oracle Cards do not predict an unchangeable future, the offer energetic guidance to navigate the NOW and create a future you are divinely guided to!  Now is where we build our future, Now is where the magic happens and I love opening you to the energy that you can build your NOW on!  Whatever you're going through you can seek Wisdom in the cards - I have so many decks that all offer a different perspective; to guide you in whatever it is you are looking for!  A personal 3 card spread discussing your question is offered virtually for $20, in person you can choose to have this reading in the paddock with the Herd for $45!

Charm Divination is a brand new tool in my ways of connecting to Spirit!  46 beautiful charms that individually and collectively guide your experience in LIFE!  While this practice can be offered virtually, but my deepest wish for you is an in person, in the paddock reading ... this experience allows you to ask Spirit for answers to a specific question or you can seek guidance from a loved one that has passed through the charms!  The messages are poignant and deep and I absolutely love sharing this experience with you ... the Herd brings a much deeper connection to the Charms and the messages they offer!  Join me for 45 minutes in the paddock with Spirit ... $75

The Unity Drum offers a beautiful vibrational experience that allows for chakra balancing, emotional release, and so many beautiful healing powers!  You will lay yourself on the massage table, cover your eyes with a gentle eye pillow mask, hold the shaman stones in your hands and just allow ... the sound and the vibrations will move you, it will move stuck energy and open space for new energy, a deep healing that defies articulation!  To begin your session we will discuss what it is you are currently dealing with, what you're ready to release and what you hope to fill that space with ... in conclusion we will reset, open your dialogue with Spirit and infuse a beautiful crystal with your personal portal to connect with your highest self!  This experience is 45 minutes and includes your personal take home crystal portal ... $150

All the Woo is offered in Private Sessions or you can mini session it with groups of 4!  I am also open to At your Location options!  Let's Chat!


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