Welcome hOMe…

I’m Jo … a Full Time student of Life!

I’m 7 years old in a pair of green plaid pants and an over stretched t-shirt, my long brown hair is disheveled and my rubber boots are a size too big, I’m running through the field behind our home with our dog Lady nipping at my heels; I have a skipping rope in my hands that is doubling as a bridle for the imaginary horse I am galloping away on! Horses have been carrying me away in imaginary whimsy and in reality for my whole life!
It makes perfect sense that fifty years later that wild little being (AKA me) has 600 hours of Yoga Teacher Training specializing in Psychology, Rest and Equine Healing Wisdom, is a Reiki Master, studying Animal Communication and all the Magical Divinations; I can finally articulate what it means to ‘go to the barn’ … the truth is, it isn’t words; it’s a feeling, a sense of belonging, acceptance, it’s coming home – a returning to yourself.
The barn At hOMe is where clients are invited to unpack life, the hurts, the lessons and the wishes; to celebrate joys, to seek clarity and connection with and from the Herd. What presents as magic in the paddocks is all firmly rooted in science, but I will always be there to remind you that you simply can not make this shit up!

‘My’ business became ‘Our’ business 3 years ago when I partnered with my Herd, my 3 Horses (Ginny, Jake & Lacey) and 2 Mini Donkeys (Phil & Stan who I call Donkey and Eeyore); taking the ancient practices of Yoga and combining them with the ancestral wisdom of Horses to offer clients a Magical Majestic Insight into their own Self!

Navigating a Global Pandemic and all of whatever else is happening in the world today is not easy.  The expectations we put on ourselves, those society inundates us with, the loss of seemingly simpler times; and the fear of what lies ahead have made Humaning exceptionally hard!

The recent loss of my son has shifted my entire being, I thought I knew grief, that I knew mySelf and my depths but this process is taking me to a brand new existence and a new relationship with how I want to show up in my life and my business!

I am no longer hustling to keep up, or be, or do the right thing, I am no longer crippled if I don’t resonate with everyone, only those who are drawn to me and my work really matter – Dr.Seuss said it best – those who matter don’t mind; and those who mind, don’t matter.   I AM Unapoletically Me.

I am slowed down; acutely aware of my personal alignment with everything I do!   I am living in a spacious and abundant bubble that I look forward to sharing with you as we connect in classes, retreats and workshops!

Grief isn’t something one completes and then resumes living; grief is integrated into the living – it is something unique and sacred to each individual; our goal At hOMe is to offer you a space to just BE, find the Medicine of Movement through Hammock and Horse Wisdom Yoga® classes, connect with your inner wisdom, be in the nature that you are inherently apart of and experience the Healing Presence of Horse.

I look forward to sharing life with you … At hOMe!

  • Yoga Teacher: 200Hr - Maha Pura, Guelph; 300 Hr - Online Ashley Turner; 50hr Restorative Yoga - Selena Garefino 89% 89%
  • Horse Wisdom Yoga Teacher - Red Barn Wellness Farm Certification 95% 95%
  • 57 Years of Humaning Experience - specialized training in 'being mom', holding space for 'addiction' & finding your way hOMe 85% 85%
What People Say
I can feel myself being grounded, letting go of my day just by walking into Jo’s studio at hOMe. By the time we are done moving our bodies I truly feel relaxed and present.

Jo's venue is so relaxing and just what’s needed when doing hammock yoga. Jo is very qualified and thorough in taking you through your time with with her. Always a lovely experience.

I have been going to Jo's for many years. The atmosphere in the classes is amazing. I am a better person mentally and physically because of Jo. It is such a joy.

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