At hOMe with Jo
Our Souls arrive on an Inhale, they leave on an exhale; on the breaths in between we create our LIFE. Remember to Breathe!
All the Yoga
The "medicine of movement" offered in hammocks, on mats and in paddocks ... keeping Yoga weird since 2017!
Sometimes the best thing for your wellness ... is to RETREAT! Half or Full Day offerings to connect with nature, the Herd & Your Self!
Horse Wisdom
Horses carry the wisdom of healing in their hearts, offering it to any human who possesses the humility to listen.
Hi! My name is ... Jo
I am passionate about Yoga as a Lifestyle, about the Healing power of Horse Wisdom, and the undeniable magic of combining the two!
In 2017 I embarked on my first Yoga Teacher Training and discovered that Yoga is so much more than movement ... it's a lifestyle! The lessons we learn on our mats are the lessons we live in our lives! With my Herd as my partners; the programs here At hOMe transcend anything I could offer on my own. The ceremony and ritual of life is elevated and honoured, setting what we do here apart. The majestic mystery of the Horse invites you to explore your own inner wisdom and knowing; letting go of 'should' and remembering the joy in just being.

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