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Welcome to Whole 'Self' Wellness! There comes a time in every woman's life when the desire to surrender to being her Self, is greater than the fear of not fitting in! It is scary and wildly liberating; but you are not alone! I can't wait to show you around!

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Work with Me

At Home with Jo

Movement is an integral part of the wellness journey ~ join me here At Home for you-nique class options to move your body!

Yoga on a mat, yoga in hammocks, and a full range of body weight resistance classes for every fitness level!

Group & Private options available.  Join my Monthly Newsletter for full schedules & pricing!

Trainings & Retreats

The more we learn about our Self; the better able to take care of that Self we become!

Expand your knowledge with a wide variety of workshops & trainings!

Reiki Level 1 certifications, Chakra Series Yoga Sessions, Edible Beauty Care, Moon Magic, and Natal Birth Chart Workshops; plus full day Restorative Retreats!  There is so much to discover here At Home!

Online Community

Want to work with me but geography is an issue?  Long Distance 1:1 coaching is available; message me to discuss what would be best for you!

My online programs are 'in the works'  but for a limited time there are several FREE teaser programs available!

My amazing private facebook community is thriving; so much free content weekly! Claim your spot in the Move*Nourish*Create Movement!

What People Are Saying

Jo has has been my go to source of inspiration and knowledge on small changes I can incorporate into my daily life to help me achieve my best life. Her easy to follow workout videos and DIYs, have been instrumental in providing motivation for making healthier, sustainable choices and results.


Online Community Member

I have journeyed with Jo for many years now. I have become a better person inside and out. Along the way I have learned how to live a healthy lifestyle, taking care of me and my family. I trust Jo’s knowledge and skills. I always look forward to what might come next. Thanks for everything Jo.


At Home Client

Before meeting Jo my fitness regime was very off and on. I would often start something, but never seemed to follow through. When I started working out at Journey’s with Jo she completely changed my outlook. I learned to love working out again; and wanting to work at having a healthy lifestyle. Jo was supportive in the way I needed, not judgemental. There is variety in her workouts; with clear plans that support any fitness level. The focus is on building a healthy lifestyle that you can maintain, which translates into achieveable nutrition goals and workouts that build strength, cardio and flexibility. I have learned a ton about nutrition, how to read labels and how to enjoy eating healthy. I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t met Jo; I am so thankful she brought me back to place where I enjoy working out and eating healthy.


At Home Client

I have only had the privilege of doing a few online programs of Jo’s, however, they made me dig deep to help discover who I truly am and heal areas that I didn’t even know were broken. I enjoy following and participating with her, she always shares tips and tricks to fuel and move your body as well as fun and laughs to boost the mood. I have found great friends, learned so much about myself and am so much happier and healthier.


Online Community Member


I LOVE working out with Jo!  It is the only forum of exercise that I have maintained for more than a few months. She motivates me to push myself and my personally perceived boundaries. I have never been as fit and strong as I feel thanks to her training and guidance. Thank you for all you do Jo!  Here’s to the next 6 (maybe 7) years! 


At Home Client

‘I have been part of Jo’s world both in studio and online for almost 7 years now. She has always been incredibly supportive and hands on no matter what my goals have been over the years. She’s gotten me thorough big things like preparing for a 3 day hike in Peru to the small everyday of just getting motivation to keep myself moving and eating right. No matter what you’re looking for in your journey, Jo is there. She will tailor in class workouts to her clients needs, support your at home stuff when she is unavailable in studio, show you how to properly stretch when you have knee, back, shoulder (you name it) pain and all the stuff in between. If you have a favourite food or type of flavor, she will find a recipe you would enjoy and share it with you and find healthier ways to enjoy your favourite foods. Her wealth of knowledge in all facets of a healthy lifestyle and passion for teaching is exactly what everyone needs to get started and keep motivated on their journey!’


At Home Client


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