I have been lagging on spending time on getting my own website, membership platform and store up and running; my recent issues on Social Media with posts being deleted and content being shunned has pushed me to step up!

It’s that comfort zone thing, you ride along on that emergency tire until you’re forced to stop and do the real work of changing it!  In my case I have been off track with my own goals for coming two years; dabbling in keeping things running in my business and tinkering with what I want to do … when life calms down.  I know I am not alone in this, on some level we are all doing it, it’s basic human nature … if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!  What I have been denying myself is that it is infact broke … I am operating on someone else’s alga rhythm and I need to take my power back!

It’s a rain day here At hOMe so there are no excuses for me not to sit down with this stuff and create a plan!

My work here isn’t mainstream, so it isn’t surprising that mainstream social media isn’t a safe place for it!

As I sat with the Herd this morning there is a real building of energy in the barn, Jake is feeling better, the meds and the treatments are working – last night I let him out into the Field of Wisdom for an hour to roll and stretch his legs after 5 days in his stall!  By far the best medicine he has had!  Ginny has graciously been keeping him company as he heals, but she too is itchy to get back to grazing!

Last night as I watched the Horses all together again in the paddock after almost a week of separation; there was no discord, the flow of returning to being a community was natural and they all just fell into place … they were clearly at ease and happy to be one unit again … acceptance and connection reigned!  Those two basic needs … acceptance and connection … are huge in our quest for personal wellness!

Do you feel accepted and connected in the various aspects of your life?

What I am learning … albeit slowly … is that if you aren’t feeling those things you aren’t on the right path!

Sometimes paths can be cleared and you can create those feelings … deeper communication, letting go of limiting beliefs, if you know you are where you want to be, sometimes you need to do the work to allow yourself to be there.  The other side of that is sometimes you simply are not on the right path, sometimes you simply must ‘recalculate’ and change course to have your needs met!

With those thoughts top of mind today I am making my way towards the recalculation I know I need, creating the space for my business to flourish, for my work and my words to be accepted and create the connections I am seeking!  If you are loving my content, you will be able to find my ‘almost daily’ messages from the Herd here in my Journal, if you are interested in what is coming up in offerings of classes and retreats check out the Events page, if you want VIP access to all of it sign up for my Monthly Newsletter … I look forward to creating more authentic connections and holding space for our mutual acceptance of each other!

Happy Monday everyone … with much love jo & the Herd