Day Retreats – A Surrender to the Self

Monthly Day Retreats

Sometimes the best possible action is to Retreat!  Step back, step outside our comfort zone, meet new people, try new things and surrender to the possibilities!

I will be offering Full Day Retreats (9:30 am – 4:00 pm) each month here At hOMe … a chance for participants to escape, be nurtured and reconnect with Nature, with the Horses, with other like minded women, and most importantly with them Self!

Sign up for my monthly Postcard from hOMe and be the first to get all the details!

Round Pen Yoga Workshops

My love of horses and all things yoga come together in the amazing workshop!  

Opening your Self to the deep wisdom the horses have to share, tuning into that energy they bring to you, moving with purpose, guided to your own inner wisdom … and Exhale!

We will be practicing in the round pen surrounded by the herd, are you ready to look at your Self mirrored back from the soulful eyes of the horses?

This class will be offered once a month on a Friday evening with a limit of 10 participants – details on the Events Schedule.

One on One Services / Online Programs

Private Sessions

I understand the my schedule may not always work for everyone, I am also accutely aware that your healing journey may not be something you wish to bring to a group … yet … and so I offer Private Sessions too.

Whether you would like to come for a private class or you have a special group of friends who would like to create their own workshop I am open to supporting you!

Feel free to contact me for more details, pricing will vary based on the number of participants, dates and my availability.

Reiki Healing

The beautiful healing of Reiki Energy can be experienced in the comfort of your own home!

Together we will schedule an appointment time; during which you relax and receive; while I connect and send!

You are invited to set your healing intentions before our session, afterwards we will connect to discuss my insights and observations as well as your experience.  Contact me for information and to book.

30 minute session – $45.00


The Wellness Store

Healing balms, snore jars, reiki infused essential oil roll ons, and so much more will be available here At hOMe.

I grow all of my own herbs, collect wildflowers and other ingredients for my blends here on the property and look forward to sharing it all with you!

DIY workshops for creating your edible beauty care products will begin in the Fall and carry through the winter.

I am deeply commited to reducing my own chemical load and absolutely love sharing my story and my journey to wellness with participants!