Healing with Horses 

Private Sessions

Horses more than any other animal have partnered with and supported humans on their journey of evolution, as recently as 100 years ago every family had a horse, for transportation, for working fields and carrying burdens!

Horses have always been there for us, and they still are!  Horses carry the wisdom of healing in their hearts, by simply being in their presence we are benefited with lower heart rates, calmed minds and a deeper awareness of the moment!

Your private session with the Herd here At hOMe is an opportunity to ground within your Self and set intentions, before sharing space and time within the herd, afterwards we engage in a creative art project to reflect and integrate the  experience as healing.

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Retreats / Workshops

Sometimes the best answer is to Retreat!

At hOMe I love offering women of all ages the opportunity to step into the Liminal Space between then and what’s next!  The chance to live on Kairos Time and just BE!

The Horses are Masters at living in the moment and love nothing more than to support you in your quest for Self Awareness!

Our time in Retreat/Workshop is designed to facilitate present moment awareness, an understanding of energy nd the opportunity for self reflection through the expressive arts!

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Service Features



Healing with Horses is available to anyone over the age of 8.

There is no riding, ever, in sessions or retreats; interactions with the Herd are always offered with both feet on the ground.




Come prepared to open your heart to a new of being with Horses, and your Self.

Come prepared to connect to the Herd, Nature and your own emotional and creative Self!



All Workshops, Retreats and Trainings are offered here At Home.

The new studio offers a beautiful space for our teaching and art offerings; the barn and paddocks offer the Horses their classroom! 



If you are booking a private session you can contact me via phone or email anytime.

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