At hOMe with Jo

Group Class Sessions


Movement is crucial to your wellness program; how you move is as important as how often you move!  

My specialty here At Home are programs that offer unique and challenging outside the box fitness opportunities!  Each month new sessions are offered for registration – sign up for the VIP newsletter for all the details!

Indoor and outdoor facilities are available, maximum class sizes of 6 allows for social distancing as well as a more intimate setting.

Sessions are registered for on a monthly basis, spaces are extremely limited … details on the events page!  


What does your body need?

Tuning into your own personal needs from a movement program is key to staying motivated!  Finding ways to move that bring balance to strength and mobility is definitely a passion of mine!

A pain free body is the best vehicle on this journey, and I look forward to helping you find peace in you skin suit!  There are a wide variety of options and I look forward to discussing them with you!

Service Features


TRX Yoga

I have long been a fan of this incredible body weight resistence equipment!

The ability to offer strength and stretch in a beautifully choreographed flow is a huge benefit!

No experience is required, every fitness level is supported, you are in complete control of your experience!

Jump in for a full session or take advantage of a monthly trial class to test the waters!


Aerial Yoga

To everyone who longs to fly … this is your class! 

If you ever dreamed of running away with the circus … this is your class!

As your body is gently supported in the silks; you can let your troubles go … flow through the yoga practice with ease!

Savasana is a swing, or no swing elevated experience; deepened by singing crystal bowls and drum rhythms to soothe your soul!


Keep Yoga Weird

I love the eccentric side of all things in life and my yoga practice is no exception!

If you like your yoga to come with teaching, if you love the movement practice but really want to learn about breath work, meditation, mudras, the chakra system and a little basic anatomy to keep you honest in your practice … then join us!

The Mindful Mat Yoga Sessions happen Tuesdays!



What to do with all my other modalities?  The astrology, the desire mapping, the foam roller and magic?

Watch for the Monthly Wellness Wednesday Workshop!

Once a month. a two hour introduction to my Wellness Woo and how it can be your greatest weapon is keeping your skin suit running optimally! Sign up for the VIP to get the details!