At Home with Jo 

Group Classes

Movement is crucial to your wellness program; how you move is as important as how often you move!  Finding a training regime that you love, goes a long way to ensuring your overall success long term!

My specialty here At Home are programs that offer unique and challenging outside the box fitness opportunities!  Indoor and outdoor facilities are available, class sizes of 6 allows for social distancing as well as a more intimate setting.

What does your body need?

Tuning into your own personal needs from a movement program is key to staying motivated!  Finding ways to move that bring balance to strength and mobility is definitely a passion of mine!

A pain free body is the best vehicle on this journey, and I look forward to helping you find peace in you skin suit!  There is a wide variety of options and I look forward to discussing them with you!

Service Features


Fitness Classes

I believe whole heartedly that your movement program is a self love initiative … not a punishment for poor nutritional choices!

I believe in having fun,  I love to sweat and challenge my limits, all while being gentle with my Self.  

I am a huge advocate for movement with purpose, my equipment choices offer balance, bodyweight resistence and are suitable for all levels of fitness. 


All the YOGA

Yoga is at the heart of everything I do here and my passion is introducing clients to wonders of this amazing lifestyle!

Keep your feet on the floor with 4 week themed yoga learning sessions or give flying a try with a 4 week introduction to aerial yoga!

Or if you prefer the freedom to come and go watch for pop up classes on the weekly schedule that will allow for drop in participation.



I love to create workshops that offer clients an opportunity to deep dive for a couple hours and go home with actionable ways to improve their lives!

* Foam Roller Wellness   

*Desire Mapping 

*Energetic Stress Management

Ready to take yourself to the next level?  These sessions offer a clear route and I can’t wait to share your journey!


Day Retreats

Are you ready to reconnect with your Self? 

Tap into what your Soul desires? 

Join the horses and I for our signature Full Day Retreat!

Learn to strip away the chaos, lean into the silence and intuitively live your most authentic life.

We look forward to holding space for you here At hOMe as you heal.