What I Do

Not 'every thing', is for 'every body'!

Wellness is an integration of practices to enrich body, mind & soul!

Move, Nourish & Create.   

Ready to surrender to being your Self?

On Your Mark …

Begin by deciding to set down the armour.  Deciding to stop battling your Self!  Are you ready to embrace the glorious imperfections of who you truly long to be?  Step one is decide!

You may still be nervous about how the rest of your world will react – let’s be real here, this is a scary place!  But rest assured you are NOT alone!

This place isn’t an age, an education, a level of experience, or a life milestone!  This place is a desire, a wish from your Soul to JUST BE!  Consider this.. what if your most primal purpose in this life; is to discover, love and share your Self!

Get Set …

Welcome to Self Awareness 101

We are going to get to know your deepest desires; figure out how you want to feel and create goals with soul to take us there!

We are going to honour these bodies we have been shaming for years!  Move them, and Nourish them in ways that heal, and build strength because we have work to do; lives to LIVE!

There is no one size fits all program here At Home, there is you ‘Set’ to practice, ‘Set’ to fail but still ‘Rise’, ‘Set’ to feel at home in your once in a lifetime body!




I was once a very different person; maybe like you?

I was trapped in what I should be doing, how I should be feeling; living a life with so many disconnects from what I wanted to be doing!

My programs are more than my certifications and trainings; my work is your personal access to how I got from there to here!  Everyday I show up in my life as my most authentic Self and you can too … Decide, Set Yourself Up, and let’s Go

Let’s Chat!


At Home with Jo


Movement is an integral part of the wellness journey ~ join me here At Home for you-nique class options to move your body!

Yoga on a mat, yoga in hammocks, and a full range of body weight resistance classes for every fitness level!

Group & Private options available.  Join my Monthly Newsletter for full schedules & pricing!


Trainings & Retreats

The more we learn about our Self; the better able to take care of that Self we become!

Expand your knowledge with a wide variety of workshops & trainings!

Reiki Level 1 certifications, Chakra Series Yoga Sessions, Edible Beauty Care, Moon Magic, and Natal Birth Chart Workshops; plus full day Restorative Retreats!  There is so much to discover here At Home!

Online Community

Want to work with me but geography is an issue?  Long Distance 1:1 coaching is available; message me to discuss what would be best for you!

My online programs are 'in the works'  but for a limited time there are several FREE teaser programs available!

My amazing private facebook community is thriving; so much free content weekly! Claim your spot in the Move*Nourish*Create Movement!