Who I am

I am above all else; a student of life!

Wellness is an integration of practices to enrich body, mind & soul!

Move, Nourish & Create.   

Ready to surrender to being your Self?

Living Yoga …

While it’s true I offer a wide variety of yoga classes … I don’t ‘do’ yoga … I prefer to describe it as I ‘live’ yoga. 

Yoga is about so much more than moving your body in pretty shapes; at it’s core yoga is a lifestyle of connection; and that is my focus here At hOMe.

We connect with each other, with our breath, with the horses, with nature, and with our most authentic Self … that is living yoga!

Move*Nourish*Create …

 Welcome to Self Awareness 101

The integration of Body*Mind*Soul – what if your life purpose is to truly know your Self? 

How are you doing with that?

We are going to honour these bodies we have been shaming for years!  Move them, and Nourish them in ways that heal, and build strength because we have work to do; lives to LIVE!

What do you need right now? 

At hOMe programs & retreats offer every participant a safe place to check in, and let your heart’s desire shine through the shadows! 


Surrender to what excites you!

I was once a very different person; maybe like you?

I was trapped in what I should be doing, how I should be feeling; living a life with so many disconnects from what I wanted to be doing!

My programs are more than my certifications and trainings; my work is your personal access to how I got from there to here! 

Everyday I show up in my life as my most authentic Self and you can too … Make the decision to stop wishing and start Being!  


At hOMe with Jo


Movement is an integral part of the wellness journey ~ join me here At hOMe for you-nique class options to move your body!

My yoga based programming offers you so much variety .. TRX or Hammock in my beautiful new studio ... in a Round Pen with the horses, or Moon bathing by a bonfire ... sometimes we even roll out a mat!  My philosophy isn't about 'doing' yoga; it is about 'being' yoga!

Join me as we defy gravity and age, where the only limits are the ones you choose to set!



The more we learn about our Self; the better able to take care of that Self we become! I believe at the root of our life purpose; is our obligation to know our Self!

Expand your knowledge with a wide variety of workshops & trainings.  Combine movement with creativity and explore your alternatives!

Explore healing with horses, meditation, nutrition, whole self healing, energetic grounding, and so much more ... full details on the events schedule page. 



Sometimes the best thing to do is escape!  Come spend a day with the horses and I, swing from a hammock, sit a spell in the hedgerow meditation space, and discover what your soul needs!

Connect with the herd, connect with nature, connect with like minded women but most important ... connect with your Self!

Imagine a day of total surrender, a return to intuitive wisdom and permission to just be! Monthly Day retreats from June - October!