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Offering a safe environment for clients to explore the depths of who they are!

Hello fellow wellness seeker!  I am so excited to meet you!

I’m a human being with 55 years experience; I married my high school sweet heart, we have three children and one grandchild, live in a tiny community on a hobby farm with our 3 horses, dog and a couple cats and 2 mini donkeys … for 40 years we have been building this life together, it’s a good life , and I am grateful!

I kind of chuckle when I read a statement like that about myself; I mean it sounds kinda perfect?  Hence the struggle with writing this About Me content!  Rest assured my life is anything but perfect; it’s messy, it’s challenging, and it’s hard work, but I am grateful; which makes it beautifully imperfect and completely enough!

I was 40 when I began my quest to set down the battle armour that I was fighting myself with!  The judgements, the comparisons, the negative self talk and the need to fit into societies perfection scale!  When I say it took me 40 years to like myself; I am being totally honest!  My invitation to you through my work; is to find your Self sooner, so you can love your Self longer!

Wellness hasn’t always been something I was passionate about; truth be told I thumbed my nose at it for a lot of years!  Those years were fueled by caffeine and sarcasm!  As happy as I was building a life and raising a family with my amazing husband; I was also chasing the outward appearance that everything was perfect.  Not just perfect, it needed to look effortless!  I pushed myself ridiculously hard to ‘accomplish’ and ‘produce’ everyday, there was no rest, there was only another pot of coffee! 

I’m not sure why 40 was my marker?  Perhaps because the appearance of ‘perfect’ had pretty much been destroyed as my teenage children exercised every rebellious demon the parenting books warned me of – it was when I had to embrace what I could and couldn’t control; but more importantly what I would and wouldn’t let define me!  I was so much more than the trouble my kids got into; and letting go of what other people thought was the clearest path to my true Self!

I won’t candy coat those first few years of embracing my Self, they were tough and full disclosure; I might have taken on a ‘how do you like me now?’ attitude. 

I found myself in counseling which I highly recommend to everyone!  Sylvia challenged me to take back my power.  When I would whine about what was happening, she would counter with ‘So what?’.  Not so what, who cares … but, so what are you going to do about it?  Shifting my perspective from wallowing in problems to searching for solutions – it was epic!

Armed with some new skills I struck out and started doing things I wanted to do, letting my Self be seen; but there was still a battle going on; I hadn’t quite surrendered!  

It wasn’t until I completed my pole fitness and personal training certifications and opened my first studio that I really settled into not only doing what I wanted to do, but feeling Whole within my Self! 

I had begun shifting from my ego Self to my true Self; it didn’t happen in a straight line, I can’t even say with certainty when it actually happened!  But it did; I felt alive, and free to be my Self, for the first time in my life!  I should note here that at the time of this transformation I wasn’t aware of the ego and whole self; my ability to articulate this shift came later in my yoga training!

There was something completely badass about being 50, and not only setting, but accomplishing goals like the one pictured here (not to mention sharing a picture of it – hello vulnerablity!).  My lesson in accomplishing these goals was profound … it wasn’t about the destination, it really was all about the journey! 

Sounds cliché I know; but owning tricks like this one was about the strength training, flexibility training and the mental conditioning to step beyond fear, to believe in my Self, and to find the balance between letting go and holding on!  It was a metaphor for everything in life, yes the destination, or trick is amazing; but the real joy happens while you are living towards that goal! Ah-Ha Moment #684

The passed 14 years have been an amazing period of growth for me both personally and professionally. I had caught the proverbial Wellness Bug! The more I learned, the more I knew I needed, and wanted to learn! I had started with fitness and quickly realized that you absolutely can not out train a bad diet; so I got my Nutrition Wellness & Weight Loss certifications!

Life continued to offer me challenges; and there were a lot of dark moments, but I wasn’t going down without a fight! I had found a passion for wellness and life; when things got messy, I got creative! Learning to navigating darkness brought me to a daily meditation practice, a gratitude practice and a whole new level of inner strength!

Every expansion I made in my training took me and by extension, my clients to new levels! Hitting new heights required more than movement and nourishment though – which brought me to Mindfulness training, a Master Reiki training and ultimately the crown jewel three years ago with my RYT200 yoga teacher training!

Through all of the certifications, I had found Brene Brown; completely fell in love with all of her work, and through her courses I fell in love with myself too! It was through her work that I truly found surrender, one quote in particular guided me out of fear of judgement – ‘If you aren’t also here in the arena getting your ass kicked; I’m not interested in your feedback!’ I had my first true boundary to combat feeling fraudy!

Elizabeth Gilbert and Big Magic opened me to having an affair with my creativity and embracing my magic! I gave myself permission to just be, and found ways to support my clients to discover their own core desires, to create ‘goals with soul’ as a Certified Desire Map Facilitator with Danielle LaPorte!  I joined Marie Forleo’s B School, and have been marinating all of these self awareness modalities into Create, the third pillar in my programs … Move*Nourish*Create!  I attach Mindset and Mental Wellness to this pillar!

This year I began my Astrological training; because why not add some Woo! Understanding my own birth chart was so amazing; the Ah-ha moments going through this training were epic; and life changing!  Not at all unlike what always happens when I discover something new and useful in my life; I couldn’t wait to share it with my clients!  Knowing what is written in the stars is wildly telling as you live your journey and a great start to every lifestyle transformation!

2020 brought me to Ashley Turner’s Yoga Psyche Soul 300hr training and cracked me wide open and brought me full circle … there was a time I was attending University hoping for a degree in Psychology!  

2021 has me in training once again, this time I am working towards partnering with my horses … offering yet another dimension to living yoga with Horse Wisdom Yoga Teacher Training! 

I am not any ‘one’ of these things; I am all of them!

The truth is we are all; all of these things! To varying degrees and at varying levels we are all of these things supported by three pillars … Move*Nourish*Create.

When you work with me, take my courses, join in my workshops, or participate in my communities; you discover your personal wellness balance, your ‘Whole Self’ lifestyle; and I can not wait to get you started!

Not every thing is for every body; how you manifest the three pillars in your life is your you-nique journey!  I am merely the guide, sharing what I know while I embrace my beginner status in life!  I am forever a student, yet at the same time a teacher; when we learn we must teach!

What I know for sure is it doesn’t matter where you start, a fitness class, a healthier diet or a more positive mindset; each will lead you to the others, start where you are and use what you have … just begin!

My hope for everyone I work with is that your Wellness Journey becomes your Healing Journey; set down the armour, stop the battle with your Self today and Just Be!

Let’s Chat – the absolute Joy of being your Whole Self is waiting!
Love & Light, Jo

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