Stay Open.

Stay Humble.

Stay Open …

One of the things I pride myself on in my programs is my ability to embrace the simple complexity of; ‘I don’t know what I don’t know!’

Kind of a weird statement really; I mean if you don’t know – then you don’t know; shouldn’t even be a conversation point?   Except; I have met so many people along this journey, who have become so ‘stuck’ in what they know (and some of them are hella educated!) that they have closed themselves off to what they don’t know!

So incredibly sure of themselves, and confident in their path, that they have completely lost sight that they don’t know what they don’t know!

I have done a great deal of training, courses, certifications, self study, challenges, and the school of hard knocks that 53 years of being a human takes you through!  I always consider myself to be a student of life; we never fully arrive anywhere … except our gravesite (and even that is suspect in some circles).  What I do know for certain is that we are constantly changing, the world around us is constantly changing, science is forever expanding and shifting in it’s grasp of health and wellness, that no matter how concrete anything appears to be – it is all subject to interpretation!


We all experience our experiences differently! 

Two people follow the same nutritional plan, read the same book or try a new fitness class – one loves everything, the other came up with hives, never finished the book and pulled a hamstring.  The experiences were offered with the same knowledge, the same opportunities; but they were received differently.  There will always be ‘outliers’; those folks who don’t fit the averages, or the ridiculously high percentages of others who have benefited from a food, a book or a fitness modality.

If you’re that outlier; does that make you wrong?

Hell no it doesn’t!

Our overall wellness relies heavily on our ability to roll with the punches!  To get up and keep trying, to embrace what works for you; and simultaneously accept that it may not work for everyone else!

It isn’t uncommon when we find something that brings us joy to want to share that, in some cases push it on the folks around us; in the worst case we become judgemental or critical of anyone who doesn’t do exactly as we say!  So much of my work is about things that have worked for me, my ideal clients are people who are very similar to me; or people who are open to try new things!  What we know and love should never limit us; it should expand us and our reach!  What we have learned or experienced doesn’t qualify us to dictate to others; at our best it inspires us to empathize, share and hold space!

I consider all my trainings, courses, and programs to be ‘offerings’.  I don’t believe that your life will be less because you didn’t journey through with me.  It will be different.  So many people are so afraid of different, threatened by it even.  My teachings come as offerings, if what I am offering brings you joy and wellness I am enhanced by my own sharing; if you choose not to follow me, I have lost nothing, I am still whole!

There is always more to know, there will always be more you don’t know, stay open, stay humble, live your best Self – we are all beginners at this game of life!