For most of my life I was busy, I had things to do, places to be and people to meet!

Busy was a badge of honour I awarded myself, all that productivity brought value to my being, the more I accomplished in any given day the more important I was!  I took it so far as to not only lord over my own ridiculous daily to-do list; but stepped into my kids lives to take on things for them too!  I mean, come on; I could do it faster, probably better, and I would save time going back to fix what they messed up!  I was busy!

What I wasn’t, was aware!

The unintended messages I was sending to everyone around me, it wasn’t just my children I was busy for – I was active in community groups, had a small business happening from home; and while I took on all the things to make myself feel like I was worthy, like I was enough; I was missing the fact that I was leaving everyone else feeling controlled and minimized – like they weren’t enough!  Shouldn’t come as a surprise it lead to back lash and rebellion; which prompted my own feelings of frustration – how could they all be so damned ungrateful?

When I finally did become aware; my first reaction was one of sadness!  I felt awful for the way I had inadvertently made people feel; in my efforts to feel good about myself … by helping!

Helping is something I do as naturally as I breathe; surely there had to be a way to do it that was in fact, helpful!

Before I could begin helping others; I had to first help myself!   Unpack all the things that were driving me; all the limiting beliefs about my worth as a human being had to be examined and realigned with reality!

The process was one of ‘Self Awareness’ ; I had to become aware of who I was, what was motivating me, and what I wanted; what I truly wanted in my life!  It was a painful, amazing, tedious, and beautiful journey; and one that I have built into my fitness and nutrition programs with clients!  It is the ‘create’ in Move*Nourish*Create!

You see awareness puts us smack dab in the moment, whatever moment is currently unfolding we are there; completely experiencing it!  Cool, right?

It sounds so simple, and yet slowing down to that level; was one of the most difficult things I have ever asked of myself!  Shifting my perspective from “busy, fast, accomplish being ‘enough'” to “aware, intentional and mindful being ‘more than enough'”!  Still now, after 5 years of practice there are times when I have to stop and reconnect; but it is infinitely easier!  It’s wonderful when the moments are joyful; but those painful moments are often a trigger to speed up, numb out, or move on!

It is a skill; not something we are born with; it is developed with practice!  It is something we actively create in our life!

The practice itself is made up of mindfulness, honesty, boundaries, compassion, and gratitude.  Each opening us to a new level of being; combined they help us create authentic lives, and a whole hearted approach to everything we do!  Are you ready to go on your journey to Self Awareness?  Discover your true core desires?  Create boundaries for yourself and those who share your journey to ensure that everyone is respected?  Develop mindful approaches to everything you do?  Find compassion and gratitude in your life?  Ultimately applying these skills to how you move and how you nourish your body?

Yes even in your fitness and nutritional plans, for best results – add awareness!