‘This too shall pass’  

The first daily affirmation I ever used, and the four words I have based most of my life on, for over a decade now … this too shall pass.  The impermanence of life is truly quite humbling; and something everyone should use to navigate their wellness journey!

If things are good – enjoy!  This too shall pass.

If things are bad – lean into it for the lessons.  This too shall pass.

I know I am not alone right now in that things have felt ‘not so good’ for a long time during this global pandemic.  It makes little to no difference if you are against the measures that have been taken or fully in support of them; for the most part we are all feeling grief, loss, frustration, fear, and a lack of control!  Not comfortable feelings, and for many, the isolation has created the perfect storm for numbing those feelings; and it’s creating a whole new world of hurt!

With all my training, mindfulness be in the moment, without judgement, reiki, just for today; and all the yoga sutras offering non-attachment, gratitude and lives of service; I have still wavered in and out of sadness and feelings of guilt for my feelings of joy … how could I possibly enjoy anything when there is so much pain and suffering?

Often I am pondering these things over a glass of wine in the evening … or two, and when I wake up in the morning I am making commitments to myself that today will be alcohol free … I will just feel!  Sometimes I follow through for days, other times I add a sense of failing myself to the list of things I am pondering over that glass of wine I wasn’t going to have today!

More recently I am having greater success in the ‘feel it to heal it’ department; I’m not sure if its that the end seems to be approaching in terms of covid restrictions, or that I am  just coming off a 40 day Sadhana Challenge with clients that I put together after an incredible training with Ashley Turner; our focus was shadow work and we shone lights in every corner of our being!  Terrifying and so damned empowering!

I remember being afraid of the dark as a child and just how stuck it would leave me feeling; once I threw back the sheets, put one foot in front of the other and held my arms out for support I was able to navigate the darkness with no issue!  But what held me captive until I took charge?  Limiting beliefs …monsters under the bed, ghosts in the closet, you name it I could see it lurking in the darkness!  The limiting beliefs are different in the cold light of day as an adult trying to make your way through life … but they have the same paralyzing effect!

One by one we looked into those fears, asked so many questions; the best way to put a fear to rest; is to get to know it!  I love the Brené Brown quote about leaning in, people are harder to hate up close!  The more we can assess about what we are thinking, the more ‘why’s’ we can establish, the better able to fact check and adjust accordingly we become!  Tonight under this June Super Full Moon I will be offering my final release of this 40 day challenge and moving forward with a few less layers of armor, a deeper vulnerability that will offer me a more whole hearted ability to feel and connect … it’s more than a little exciting.

Over these last 6 weeks I have been in all kinds of emotional states, with a wide range of tolerance – although mostly not a lot of tolerance coupled with a short angry fuse!  Digging into that this morning during my Sadhana practice things became pretty clear … I had abandoned my Self … but today I am back at the beginning embracing, this too shall pass!  Honouring the way my life is unfolding, just as it is, requires a diligent focus on my part, which if I’m being fully honest felt like I wasn’t allowing myself to ‘just be’; diligent focus felt forced?

Here’s the clarity I found in meditation this morning  … in order to just be; I need to present, I need to allow and surrender to life happening in it’s temporary, just for now way, forcing myself to do these self empowering things is a win; and finally, today I feel ready for that … I can and I will.

Since last September I have been waiting for the green light to open my business, to do this work in person; while offering people a gentle place to hang (literally in a hammock!); to partner with my herd of horses in helping you to experience their healing wisdom (I should mention my break through this morning was in the barn and came with a whisker nuzzle from Ginny telling me to go hard for what I want!) The Whole Self Lifestyle experience here At hOMe is so close to being a reality.

Today with this Full Moon in Capricorn energy I am focus forward to sharing space with you all!

It’s just like this … for now!

It’s all temporary!

See you soon … get on my mailing list for the events schedule coming soon!