Horses carry the wisdom of healing in their hearts, offering it to any human with the humility to listen.


















Back Row:  Jake, Lacey, Ginny / Front Row:  Phil & Stan (AKA Donkey & Eeyore)

This beautiful Herd and I have been working on our relationships for more than two decades (Jake & Ginny) fifteen years (Lacey) and the two wee lads we rescued 4 years ago!

We have a lot of history, and our ability to communicate with, understand and trust one another is an ongoing evolution!

4 years ago I transitioned from ‘owner’ to ‘partner’ and took on the very important role of Steward to these 5 souls and I never looked back!  The rewilding and unlearning has been a slow but rewarding process … it’s amazing what you learn about your equines when they are offered ‘choice’!

I have always found being with them to be good therapy, they soften pain and extend joy just by being in your heart space!  Over the passed 4 years I have studied the science that supports the magic, I have deepened my observation of how they communicate and have found the language to share it all with clients!


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