9 weeks have passed since the Covid 19 experience began here ‘At Home’; in some respects I am wondering where the heck the time went, and in others I am struggling with just how long it has been … all the while coaching myself to the realization that there won’t be a return to normal … there will only be new paths to be forged ahead!

8 weeks ago, I was filled with a sense of this time being a gift; an unprecedented opportunity to use this time well and emerge on the other side a better person, with a life of ‘caught up’ to show for the time at home …

So far, my 300-hour Yoga Psyche Soul program is completely caught up and on schedule with the materials being released; I feel so good about the new content I will have for programs … and at the same time I wonder if I will ever get to actually have clients in for classes and workshops again!

I continue to practice yoga and workout regularly, and while my diet hasn’t changed a whole lot; my goal of losing the 6lbs that found my hips this winter is on track; with only 13lbs to go. Funny … not funny!

I saw lots of folks on line Marie Kondo-ing their lives; and while I totally admire their efforts … I did none of that … none … zero … well, I sort of thought about it in week one; but then I thought … why?

Seriously though; the time spent in ‘lock down’ has offered quite a few silver linings, and so many ‘why don’t we do this more often discussions’ … it’s scary, and sad, and it isn’t at all how we would have liked to learn to slow down and tune into ourselves; but it’s happening so let’s not waste what we have learned!

The world is showing signs of start up, it will likely be slow, it will likely happen a lot like dance choreography,  all stunty and awkward to start with two steps forward and three back; but we are all going to have to figure out what happens next in our lives … what parts of the quarantine we want to hang on to, and what parts of our old normal we are prepared to let go of … forever!

Here’s my three-step process to help us make the most of what we accomplished, and create a new normal that includes those Covid awareness awakenings!

1. Track the Gains! I get that for many of us the passed 9 weeks have been fraught with worry; financial, emotional, health related … all kinds of worry has been top of mind and that’s totally understandable … but in the midst of all of it, maybe your found a few things that were really great for your psyche, things that made you feel better?
Write them down – weekly zoom chats with friends and family, early morning workouts, more time in the kitchen preparing real food, a new meditation practice, more open and honest conversations about your feelings with your partner … anything that quarantine has forced upon you, or opened you up to … write it down!

2. Schedule that stuff! Take a look at that list and consider how you are going to keep it going, how do you continue to offer yourself those little slivers of joy? Research is strong supporting visual reminders … post it notes on the fridge, reminders popping up on your phone, keeping your yoga mat unrolled in the living room … set yourself up for success with all the visual cues!
It’s also commonly accepted that when we ‘schedule’ things, even with ourselves, we are more likely to do them … get out that planner and write yourself up some joy filled plans! Things will undoubtedly be stressful returning to a new normal; take care of yourself with some positive plans!

3. It’s Okay to look back! While the slow down has offered many of us some brand-new lifestyle options, some better ways to take care of ourselves and opened our schedules for healthier eating, movement and connection practices; our old lives weren’t entirely bad … right?
So, give yourself permission take a look back at the things you ‘used’ to enjoy too; see how they fit into your life moving forward! Things may not be the same, but coffee dates with friends and family gatherings will find their way back into your schedules … get creative, stay curious and follow your joy!

We can’t control Covid, but we can control how we respond to it!
Our Life is our Curriculum, to quote Ashley Turner in the Yoga Psyche Soul training … this experience is offering us so many lessons; are you taking notes?